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You can experience KISI in many different ways: We would like to welcome you to one of our musical performances, puppet shows, or church services where we serve with our songs. Of course you are also welcome to join us at the KISI festival, participate in one of our retreats, come to a KISI meeting, or become part of one of our KISI groups—you can be a part of KISI with your whole family. In between the KISI meetings you can experience us on the radio. If you want KISI to be very close to you, feel free to invite us—we would love to come to your area.

Musicals & More


We play musicals that are dynamic, vibrant, employ vocals, dances, and theatre, and carry along the young and the old.


By the way: Once in a while we also have sing-along concerts.

Upcoming musicals
Puppet Shows

The little black sheep Pauli likes to be on tour. He loves to travel with us and appears at our puppet shows with catchy songs and a message for the kids.

Upcoming Puppet Shows
Church Services

We love to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ together with other Christians. We do this by singing our songs in church services, thereby expressing and sharing the joy of our faith through music.

Upcoming Church Services

We have some musicals and several mini-musicals and puppet shows in our repertoire.

All musicals

These are the musicals we currently perform the most:

Hanna, the prophetess

Star role

Groups & Gatherings

Vacation Programs

Please note: The detailed information about those programs is not translated to English.

KISI Festivals

Please note: The detailed information about those programs is not translated to English.

Family Programs

Please note: The detailed information about those programs is not translated to English.

KISI on the Radio

You want to stay in touch with us and experience us live from the distance? Fortunately, you can listen to us on the radio. On some Thursday nights (at 7 pm) we air a program called “Hallo Kinder!“ on Radio Maria Austria. We play KISI songs, discuss a topic, and talk to callers.

(Please note: The radio shows are in German)

Feel free to join us—through radio or the internet.

Upcoming Programs

You don’t want to wait until the next program? No problem! You can listen to our previous programs in the archives.



We want to help you bring your excitement about Jesus to your region in order to be a positive influence on your community. You can invite KISI to your region in different ways:


You want to spread joy and the message of God´s love to your region? No problem! We would love to play one of our musicals or have an interactive concert in your area.

Puppet Shows

You want to bring God´s love to the little ones? In our puppet shows children learn alongside Pauli the little black sheep about their own good shepherd—in kindergartens and primary schools or at birthday parties.


You want to offer an exciting leisure activity to kids in your area, want to teach them in music and theatre and encourage them in their faith? Just invite us to run a workshop, singing days, or musical days.

What is possible? How can you get organised? How much does it cost? We’ll gladly send you more details via email without any commitment on your part.

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Start a KISI Group

If you’re really motivated, you’re more than welcome to found a local KISI group—called a KISI CLUB. We provide you with songs, fun activities, and child-oriented explanations which you can use to excite the children in your surrounding area about Jesus and to sing and dance with them. How does it work? What exactly happens in a KISI CLUB? Which conditions do I have to fulfill?

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