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Anna making friends

A musical with a focus on bullying, that encourages to show civil courage and to break fronts. Moving acting scenes and dynamic songs and dances awaken the compassion for what bullying does with the people affected.

The Story

From outside Anna’s class seems like a happy and fun class to be in. They’re even planning a theme party together. Only Anna is not part of it.

The others exclude her whenever possible, they make fun and laugh at her. They even suggest she dresses up as a toilet cleaner for the theme party.

The situation escalates. The class mates try to scare Anna and she runs away – directly into a passing car.

Katharina has the courage to break the fronts when she decides to get help and to accompany Anna to the hospital. They’ve been friends from that day on.

The others start questioning their behaviour. Together they decide to visit Anna at the hospital and to apologise. Will Anna be able to forgive them?

The Message

Again and again, very bad cases of bullying happen and move the topic into a social focus. But too often it is forgotten, that almost every class has outsiders, that are excluded and often actively humiliated and the damage this can cause. This musical wants to raise awareness for these outsiders and wants to encourage children and teens to make the first step to become friends.

Quick Facts


7 years+


ca. 60 min



Production team

Author: Birgit Minichmayr

Arrangements: Conny Schock

Premiere: 2005

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