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The gift

A simple Christmas musical with a strong message. Jesus was born as a baby, but he was still the king of kings. A little boy wants to demonstrate this truth through his Christmas present which turns out to be quite a challenge.

The Story

It’s Christmas soon! The final preparations are in full swing. Jakob, Tanja and Lisa are so excited.

The sisters are excited about Jakob’s present for their parents, a Christmas crib he carved himself.

But Jakob isn’t completely satisfied yet. Jesus still looks too cute, not like the king of kings, the light of the world or the good shepherd.

Fortunately his sisters have a few ideas, to help him to express all this.

Then, the crib is perfect. Christmas can come!

The Message

In many Christmas cribs, Jesus is portrayed as a cute baby. Which he probably was. But at the same time he was so much more: the king of kings, the light of the world and the good shepherd. And that’s also what Christmas is about. This is what this small musical wants to express.

Quick Facts


6 years+


ca. 15 min



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