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What is KISI?

Our mission

We’re an international family of children, teens and adults, and we aim to glorify God through songs and musicals. We seek to learn to discover God, to explore our talents, to experience fellowship, to spread the gospel and to live each day with Jesus. We’re a catholic movement with an ecumenical mission.

What’s important to us


What people say about KISI

concertgoer, Belgium
A very creative yet intense way to bring faith, hope and love – the good news, to the people. Heartwarming!
Christoph Schönborn
archbishop of Vienna, Austria
Where can you find a better place for kids than where they find a community that is characterized by faith, is artistically appealing and challenges them personally? Where can you find anything better for them than in a community like this, with a mission and with abilty? That speaks for itself. Yes, I wish for many people experiencing this testimony.
from Austria
I can be completely myself with the people I meet at KISI. They’ve become my best friends, because they also believe in God and because I don’t feel alone as a Christian.
concertgoer, Austria
This amazing musical really touched me, I still have tears in my eyes when I think about the message, the believing children, the voices.
Filip de Rycke
Seminary Dean, Netherlands
KISI is a joyful way to live the Christian faith. It’s not all about the catechesis, but also about experiencing faith in every way: Christian education, celebrating days of the church, living in a big family.
teenager from Austria
It’s amazing, that KISI is one big family. You know you’re a part of it and you know they will support and help you when you’re feeling down. You’re not alone.
mother from Germany
For us as a family the most important thing is for our children to be able to find their own faith. That they don’t just inherit the faith from us, but that they are challenged to find out the truth for themselves. That’s what’s so valuable for us with KISI.
Stephan Turnovszky
youth bishop for Austria
First of all, I associate KISI with generous cheerfulness: with glad affirmation towords God, to other people, to Jesus Christ and his Church, and especially to the people of Israel.
churchgoer, Austria
Two things really impressed me at today’s evening Mass: Your singing and the dignity with which you celebrated mass with us. There was no disturbance, it was always clear that Christ, that the altar is the main focus. To celebrate in such a dignified way and to sing this beautifully is something only few are capable of doing.
Dr. Ludwig Schwarz
bishop emer. of Linz
I’m very touched by this wonderful performance. You transmit true apostolate, you make the gospel clear and beautiful to the people, so that they may realise that the fact that God’s son became human is a big deal.
Dr. Gerold Lehner
superintendent from Austria
KISI? My experience: eyes and ears are equally fascinated by what is being presented: children, teenagers and adults radiate natural joy, faith becomes visible through music and dance and the heart is touched, becomes wide and joins in with joy.
Paul M. Zulehner
former professor for sociology of religion and theology, Vienna
The dynamic of KISI – God’s singing kids, is so touching. I see a growing generation of children who don’t surrender to the banal duplicity of some of todays modern life stylisation and who therefore, have no need to find comfort in things like alcohol and drugs.

Birgit & Hannes Minichmayr

Hannes and Birgit began working as youth pastors in Upper Austria in 1993, where they started singing with children. Their desire was to show kids that God is present and that you can have fun in church. The ministry spread throughout Austria and even into other countries. How did this happen? You can read our story here.

Our story

The two pastoral assistants Hannes and Birgit Minichmayr started the ‘Kindersingkreis’ (German for children’s choir = KiSi) in the parish of Altmünster in Upper Austria.

The organisation ‘KISI – God’s singing kids‘ was founded, under the nameof ‘Kinder machen Musical’ (german forchildren play musicals‘). During that time, several tours and the first KISI-Fest took place.

Birgit Minichmayr wrote her first musical: ‘Lilli and the IncredibleComeback’. Since then she’s been writing songs and musicals for KISI on a regular basis.

KISI performed their first concerts in a foreign country. Before then, KISI was only active in different parts of Austria.

KISI started working in Holland. In the following years other groups in countries such as Uganda and Germany started developing.

Through God’s wonderful work, we were given a house in Altmuenster (Austria). This house now serves as a centre for the KISI family and a place to live for volunteers and staff, right in the middle of the beautiful Salzkammergut area.

Permanent KISI groups have been founded in Austria, Germany, Belgium and Uganda as well as projects in Hungary and Israel. The group in the Netherlands became 2023 independent as “KOEMI”.


Hannes is the founder and leader of KISI. He‘s also leading the KEY group, does concert acquisition and is inspiring all of KISI. In the middle of a stressful work day he regains his energy by playing a round of backgammon.
Author of Musicals & Children’s Books
Birgit is the wife of Hannes. With him she founded KISI and she‘s the one who writes all the encouraging songs and musicals. She also invented the little black sheep Pauli and is a caring „KISI mom“ for a lot of kids. Since shortly she has her own blog with tipps for joyfully living faith with kids.
Accounting & Administration
Andres has been with KISI for ages! He is responsible for organisation, accounting and databases and also does a lot of technical and internet-related stuff. His newest passion: fundraising! If you don‘t find him at a computer, he‘s probably with his bees – that is to say that he‘s a hobby beekeeper!
Management Assistant
Kathi is working in the KISI office. Usually she is the one to answer your phone calls and emails. She is also the leader of the NOW group and organizes a whole lot else around KISI. She is known for seeing potential in children that others might overlook – and when she feels stressed, it all starts looking better after a cup of tea.
Event Manager & Technical Manager
Johannes, the son of Hannes and Birgit, is usually found behind the mixer console or working with cables and cases. He is the technical leader of KISI and is passionate about our singing really reaching our audience – concerning sound and message. He also organizes everything around the “Ruth” performances – from advertisement to ticket sales.
Graphic Design & Photography
Trixi works to beautify things in KISI – for example she did the graphical design of this website. Plus – she takes many of the fabulous KISI photos. She is passionate about good coffee and is thus often found in the KISI café.
Administration & Accounting Assistant
Claudia is working part-time in accounting, she checks the statements of account and makes sure all payments go to the right place. She studies Event Engineering and her (almost) gapless memory is nearly as famous as her fabulous birthday cakes.

Local & International


The KISIHOUSE is a beautiful old farmhouse located in the gorgeous region of Altmünster am Traunsee in Upper Austria. In 2016 this house was given to us in a miraculous way.

Read the story

This incredible gift of God has become a home for some of the KISI team,

a place to work, a storage location, and a place for many of our KISI gatherings. 

We also want it to grow to be a spiritual centre for the region…

Come visit us!

You want to get to know the KISIHAUS? Just come by! (It’s good to call us beforehand to make sure we’re actually there.) We’ll get you a mug of coffee, guide you through the house, and tell you its story.

Participate in prayer and celebration

In the KISIHOUSE we have fixed prayer times throughout the day. We also celebrate Holy Mass at least once a week and sometimes partake in other spiritual services as well. You’re more than welcome to join us.

Renting the House for Groups

We want to make this house available for other groups looking for a place to meet. We have a chapel, a big meeting room, a dining room, several dormitories with a combined total of 110 beds, and a few smaller rooms.

More Informations about the KISIHOUSE


KISI doesn’t only exist in German-speaking areas but also in many other countries. They partly have their own KISI groups and teams and partly organised singular meetings or projects.


The courageous pioneers. The Netherlands was the first country where people were affected by the KISI spirit and decided to start their own organisation and their own fixed KISI groups.


The first ones outside of Europe, and also the KISI nation with the highest concert attendance…by far!

… and many more! You will find all countries in our country overview:

All countries