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Who wouldn’t want to visit Joppa, the little town by the sea? The cheerful, energetic Tabea lives there amidst palm trees and oranges. Together with her friends, she tries to help poor and abandoned people – especially all widows and orphans. She sews the most beautiful clothes and generously gives them away.

But suddenly the lively and hopeful community is shaken by an event that no one would have expected. Peter is brought in to help. All eyes are on him. Will he – through Jesus – be able to perform a miracle?

Colorful dance scenes alternate with exciting dialogues and songs. Deep entertainment for the whole family.

In Joppa they have everything in common

The little orphan girl Tikva is welcomed

Look at us, see what Tabea can do!

I sewed this dress for you!

Come on, let’s get Peter!

Without you, Jesus, I can accomplish nothing.

Hallelujah, Jesus!

Dance with us, Tabea!

A small compilation from a performance in Bopfingen (GER):


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We recommend the musical for children aged 6 and over, simply because at this age they can certainly follow the plot well.

However, it is possible to take younger children with you, as they will probably especially enjoy the dance and the songs.

We think it’s particularly nice to make a concert visit a family outing – all grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins ​​are also welcome. Find out about our particularly affordable family tickets.


approx. 70 minutes


30 minutes before the start


The small town of Joppa wakes up and traders busily set up their colorful goods. The first customers are approaching and the market square is filled with cheerful conversations, barkers and people enjoying their first orange juice of the morning. The rich widower Aaron also comes along with his only daughter Hadassa. The magnificent dress she just purchased shines golden. She knows exactly how to get her dad to fulfill her every wish straight away. They are enjoying juicy peaches together when little Tikva cautiously approaches. Tikva is an orphan girl, poor, ragged, dirty, sad, alone. She stretches out her hands to both of them, begging.
But Aaron forcefully chases Tikva away. He is afraid that his Hadassa could become infected and immediately leaves the market place with her.

But there is someone who takes pity on the little beggar – it’s young Rachel, and she has a good idea. She convinces Tikva to come with her to Tabea. Because Tabea is the sweetest and friendliest person she knows. She has already helped so many people because since her husband’s death, Tabea has devoted herself entirely to leading the small Christian community in Joppa and doing countless good works.

In fact, Tikva is immediately warmly welcomed there, first by Tabea’s best friend Martha, then by Tabea herself, who immediately gives her a beautiful new dress. Because sewing clothes for widows and orphans is Tabea’s specialty.

They dance and laugh happily together, and the spoiled Hadassa has also arrived and would like to be a part of it, but is immediately picked up again by her worried father. Will Tabea still be able to help Aaron and invite him and his daughter to the community meetings?

But a surprising turnaround now demands everyone’s focus. Tabea, who is otherwise so energetic, suddenly becomes ill. Very sick. No one can help and she dies.

Your friends are desperate. She was so full of life just now. What now?

While some sing the traditional mourning songs, others remember the hope that Tabea herself talked about – the hope of life after death. A life with Jesus.

Then Martha has an idea: she has heard that Peter is currently in Lydda – there are also stories of healings. Since Lydda is only a day’s journey from Joppa, they decide to send two men and ask Peter to come to Joppa. Could it be that a miracle will now happen?


Read it in the Bible: Acts 9:36-42.

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