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Hanna, the prophetess

A fascinating musical, that gives insight into the jewish culture and recounts the waiting for the Messiah with a stirring mixture of song, dance and drama.

The Story

Daniel and Ora are visiting their great-grandmother Hanna. But they disagree: When will Israel be freed? And is it better to fight for it or to wait for the coming of God’s Messiah?

Suddenly Hanna hears God calling: the Messiah is here. Now! She’s drawn to the temple.

Ora gets bullied by a few boys because of her faith, on the way to the temple. They even lock her up. Will she miss the Messiah?

Daniel notices that Ora is missing and does everything in his power to find and free her. Will they make it in time?

They arrive at the temple in the exact right moment. Hanna recognises the promised Saviour in the little baby Jesus. What a big moment!

The Message

What was it that moved Mary and Joseph as they held Jesus in their arms? Where they completely sure that this baby was the promised Saviour? Through a very special event, God confirms this unbelievable fact: At the temple Hanna and Simeon both recognise the Messiah through the Holy Spirit and proclaim: “He is the light for the nations and the glory for Israel.”“

Quick Facts


6 years +


ca. 60 min




Author: Birgit Minichmayr
Staging: Hannes Minichmayr
Arrangements: Conny Schock
Scenery: Johannes Minichmayr
Choreography: Natalie Tomaschko, Barbara Lins
Light design: Johannes Minichmayr
Sound design: Johannes Minichmayr
Premiere: 2005
Reinterpretation: 2018

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