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The com­passion­ate father

Inspired by a very current problem, this exciting musical tells the story of the lost son and lets God’s unending mercy go from your head to your heart thanks to music and acting.


The Story

Lilli’s friend Monika is devastated. She had a fight with her dad and now she feels like no one likes her.

This time Lilli’s special friend Samuella sweeps her away into the story of Benjamin, who left home and is now spending his whole inheritance.

Soon enough, there’s so money left and Benjamin is completely desperate. He doesn’t know how to go on – and going home isn’t an option anymore! Or is it?

But Benjamin’s father is beyond happy when he finally sees his son again, after thinking he was lost forever. So much love!

Monika is fascinated. Is this love still true today? For us?

The Message

The theme of the ‘absent father’ is something unfortunately known to too many of us! The musical works with this topic and offers perspective from a totally unique angle. The parable of the compassionate father is one of the most famous biblical stories. But how revolutionary and limitless this love and mercy really is, is hard to grasp. This musical is supposed to help, that God’s fatherly love may slip from your head to your heart.

Quick Facts


6 years+


ca. 80 min


English, Dutch, German

Production team

Author: Birgit Minichmayr

Staging: Benjamin Stoll, Hannes Minichmayr, Manfred Schweigkofler

Arrangements: Conny Schock

Vocal coach: Marlis Birkner, Johannes Mertl

Choreography: Magdalena Kritzinger

Light design: Roland Münstedt

Sound design: Johannes Minichmayr

Costume: Andrea Uebel, Magdalena Kritzinger

Requisites: Andrea Uebel

Premiere: 2002

Reinterpretation: 2016

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