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Star Role

The most important event in God’s history with the people is told from the point of view of the stars – with a fascinating sound and light effects, energetic songs, choreographies and impressive actors.


The Story

The stars in the sky are full of anticipation: the date X is coming closer, the pinnacle of God’s story with the people. But what is it really about?

The archangel Gabriel comes to Zachariah and tells him that he will be a father. At his age?

Gabriel has even more spectacular news for Mary: She will give birth to God’s son.

Mary asks Elisabeth, the wife of Zachariah, for advice because she understands her like no one else.

The great moment has arrived: Jesus, the saviour is born. What an incredible and unique event!

The Message

God’s history of salvation with the people is a very special one, a series of thought through events from the beginning. It has its climax in the birth of the saviour – Jesus. The events leading up to this moment – the indications of the prophets, the pregnancy of Elisabeth, Gabriel’s annunciation to Mary and many more – are to be found in the musical, explained in a child friendly way. Jesus’ birth is not only a theme for Christmas, but is relevant throughout the whole year. There is however, a ‘Christmas version’ of the musical ‘stars in Bethlehem’. In this case the visit of the shepherds and the wise men are also recounted so that the focus lays more with the Christmas story and what it’s really about.

Quick Facts


6 years+


ca. 75 min.


German, Netherlands, English, Arabic

Production team

Author: Birgit Minichmayr
Staging: Benjamin Stoll, Hannes Minichmayr
Arrangements: Conny Schock
Costume design: Eva Butzkies
Choreography: Natalie Tomaschko, Elisabeth Kisslinger, Abi Shorey, Julia Achleitner, Tabea Binder
Light design: Stefan Lukesch, Johannes Minichmayr
Sound design: Johannes Minichmayr
Premiere: 2011

Particularities: Also exists as Christmas version!
That version contains the song ‘Merry Christmas’, to which we’ve produced KISI’s first music video.

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