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Pauli wants chocolate

Another musical puppet show with the adventurous little sheep Pauli. With happy songs, funny scenes and an important message, as always . This time it’s about trust and about the difference between ‘I want’ and ‘I need’.

The Story

Pauli is horrified. Why is his stomach growling? Is it dangerous? When Florian gives him fodder, his stomach’s immediately quiet. How great, that the shepherd cares so well for Pauli!

Pauli meets a cat. Florian already warned him about her. But she’s seems quite nice actually.

The cat convinces Pauli, that he absolutely needs chocolate. When Florian doesn’t give him any, Pauli runs away angrily.

Pauli finally gets his chocolate. He stole it together with the cat. But somehow he doesn’t feel so good anymore.

Florian is looking for Pauli and fights with the cat, to let Pauli go. Now Pauli understands, that Florian only wants what’s best for him.

The Message

God gives us everything we need. We know this and still we’re easily unsure and disappointed when He doesn’t give us what we asked for. Together with Pauli we can witness that we can trust the good shepherd. He knows better than anyone, what’s good for us.

Quick Facts


3 years+


ca. 30 min



Production Team

Author: Birgit Minichmayr

Arrangements: Dirk Brenner, Marc-David Fuchs, Volker Kuentz


Particularities: This musical currently only exists as puppet show.

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