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Feststimmung im KISI-Haus

Feststimmung im KISI-Haus KISI-Sommerfest im KISI-Haus, 11. – 15. August Wer weiß, ob der alte Vierkanthof schon jemals so viele Leute beherbergt hat wie am letzten Wochenende? Vom elften bis zum fünfzehnten August fand nämlich im neuen KISI-Haus das zweite KISI-Sommerfest statt! Über 200 Menschen kamen zusammen: Wir haben gemeinsam gesungen, gelacht, gebetet, gespielt und vor allem die Zeit ...


Keine Angst in Lanzenkirchen

Keine Angst in Lanzenkirchen Musicalwoche „Paulus“ in Lanzenkirchen (NÖ), 7. – 11. August

„Habt keine Angst!“ hörten wir, ca. 40 Kinder und das KISI-Mitarbeiter-Team der Musicalwoche Lanzenkirchen, gleich am ersten Tag bei der gemeinsamen Messe. Pater Emmanuel erklärte uns auch, warum wir keine Angst zu haben brauchen: Weil unser Papa im Himmel der König ist! Mit dem ersten Kennenlernen, ...


Future Stars in Neusiedl

Future Stars in Neusiedl Musicaltage in Neusiedl am See, 25. – 30. Juli 2017   Freude – Das Singen, Tanzen und Spielen machte vielen Kindern Freude.  Unterhaltung – Für eine gute Unterhaltung sorgten die fünf Schafe Jackson, Rosalie, Berte, Mampfer und Emil und ihr Hirte.  Tanzgruppe – Bei dem Musical „Future Stars“ gab es auch eine Tanzgruppe mit motivierten und begabten Tänzerinnen.  Unter anderem ...

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Next dates of KISI in Austria

28.08.2017, - 01.09.2017,
Österreich, Steiermark

Ramsau am Dachstein


Tabea Minichmayr
+43 (0)680 4426618


Für Kinder zwischen 8 und 17 Jahren

28.08.2017, 09:00 - 01.09.2017, 20:00
Österreich, Oberösterreich
Von Gott berufen - Paulus - Botschafter Jesu
Von Gott berufen - Paulus - Botschafter Jesu

KISI-Haus (Altmünster)
Mühlbach 7, 4801ABGESAGT


+43 820 919195



09.09.2017, 10:00 - 12:00
Österreich, Niederösterreich

Pfarrhof Mautern
Kirchenplatz 1, 3512Mautern


Bettina Kuderna
+43 676 3851405

09.09.2017, 14:00 - 18:00
Österreich, Vorarlberg
KISI Vorarlberg
KISI Vorarlberg

Salvatorkolleg Hörbranz
Lochauerstraße 107, 6912Hörbranz


Elisabeth Röthlin
+43 5574 74810


Anschließend Teenie-Treffen von 18 - 21 Uhr

09.09.2017, 14:00 - 17:00
Österreich, Vorarlberg

Salvatorkolleg Hörbranz
Lochauerstraße 107, 6912Hörbranz


Elisabeth Röthlin
+43 5574 74810

The Story of KISI Austria

KISI was originally founded in Austria. Here you can learn more about the development within Austria.


KISI was founded in Upper Austria. During approximately six years the core group existed in Altmünster. In 1995 KISI went on its first tour.


was expanding more and more in Austria. Groups were forming in Vienna, Vorarlberg, Carinthia and many projects were happening in all regions.


monthly weekend meetings were taking place, instead of weekly regional meetings for children from all over Austria. At that time an international group had been meeting for four years parallel to the local groups.


In 2015 still a lot of the main KISI groups meet in Austria. There's a KISI KEY group, a KISI NOW group and 22 KISI CLUBs.

You want to learn more about the international development of KISI?

Story of KISI International



Das tut KISI in Österreich

Diese Aktionen bietet KISI Österreich zur Zeit an:

Musical performances

Enthusiastic children's voices, impressive acting scenes, dynamic choreographies and a profound message – those things are what make a KISI musical so special. We perform musicals based on different biblical stories and daily life themes, such as hope or friendship. We also put on concerts only consisting of songs. This is our way of sharing the empowering message of Jesus with the world.

Find concerts

Organise musicals

Our musicals

Puppet shows

Pauli, the adventurous little Lamb known from the KISI puppet shows, loves to be on the road – in kindergartens, schools or youth groups. Together with his family Wolliweiß he tells stories and sings about the adventures with his good shepherd.

Find puppet shows

Organise a puppet show

Our puppet shows



Church service arrangements

We love spreading the gospel on stage, but what we love even more is to celebrate mass with other fellow Christians and to praise God with our songs. If you invite us, we are happy to provide you with musical arrangements during mass.

Find mass

Mass songs



KISI – Fest

Three days of faith, fun and fellowship: every year the big KISI-Fest takes place and the program is filled with musical performances, workshops, outdoor-programs and some just as entertaining profound imputs for the whole family.



If you work with kids, you deserve good training. We hold regular training seminars for our staff members and interns to equip them with the necessary skills for their work. Occasionally some of our events are also open to the public.

Training dates

Radio broadcasts

Unfortunately we cannot be everywhere at the same time. However, we still make our hope and joy accessible for everyone. You can listen to our radio broadcasts weekly - unfortunately currently only available in German.

Next radio broadcasts


Breathe some KISI air for a few hours: sing, dance, play and learn about Jesus – those are some of the things you will experience during our workshops. We come to parishes, schools or to other open events, to spend time with children. At the end of a workshop an arranged mass or a small concert consisting of songs, is possible.

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Organise workshops

Sing- and musical days

Learn a whole musical from scratch in only a few days? Sounds crazy, but it's possible. At KISI children train for a whole week in areas such as singing, dancing and acting for one specific KISI musical. They then have an opportunity to present their work in a final performance. Of course, we provide fun program too, which focuses on the themes featured in the musical.

Find musical days 

Organise musical days

Our musical days


KISI CLUBs are local KISI groups that meet regularly, sing together and try to understand the content of the KISI songs in a fun way. They continue to bring new hope and joy to people in their surroundings – with small concerts in retirement homes or during church services.



Do you want to be part of KISI on a regular basis? KISI NOW is a nationwide group that meets once a month, for a weekend, over the time span of half a year, to have fun, to pray and to rehearse a musical that will be performed at the end of the 6 months.

NOW groups


KISI the intensive way: with KISI KEY you commit to a whole year with meetings at least once a month for one weekend. During these meetings, you train, rehearse intensively and focus on playing musicals & co. There are also opportunities for you to invest in deepening your relationship with God. KISI KEY is on tour and on the road a lot.

KEY groups

KISI wear

Children have been wearing their KISI shirts proudly over the past twenty years, the same goes for KISI caps, KISI sweaters and other KISI products. We love how every KISI fan can literally wear their enthusiasm and that way share it with the world.

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Children's books

Lovingly narrated and creatively illustrated: you can read about the adventures of Pauli, the funny, little, black sheep. Great for bed-time stories or to read on your own.

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CDs and DVDs

All of our musicals and most of our songs are available on CD. A few of our musicals even exist on DVD. Now you can even experience KISI at home on screen or give CDs and DVDs away as presents!



To sing along, to join in on the piano or on the guitar, violin, ukulele or any other instrument you like. Our songbooks provide you with the sheet music and chords to all of our songs and even contain the spoken words from the musicals.

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Children's program

Are you looking for new ideas and concepts for your children or youth work? We would love to share our experience and have assembled our best ideas in compact hour-long programs that you can download in our shop.

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Unsere Musicals

Star role in Betlehem

The pinnacle of God's story of salvation with the people was the birth of the saviour – Jesus. From Elisabeth and Zechariah via Mary and Gabriel, the moments leading up to this amazing event are portrayed in a completely new and different way – from the point of view of the stars.

– also available as Christmas edition –

The shepherd kids

Three young shepherds from Israel are desperately anticipating the Messiah. One night the angels appear to them and announce the birth of Jesus. The three children leave to find the saviour themselves.

Hark, the Herold Angel

A big choir of excited angels, a very important mission and very little time to practise. Add confusion to that list, because why would God want to leave Heaven to go to a place like earth as a human being? An extraordinary Christmas musical.

The compassionate father

Once again, Lilli gets to experience a biblical story. This time it's Jesus' story about the 'prodigal son'. This is a musical about God's infinite mercy and fatherly love.

Called by God – Paul – ambassador of Christ

Paul experienced so many things in his life: First he hated Christians, but then he had a radical encounter with Jesus and started telling everyone about God. He healed people, he was locked up in prison, he got shipwrecked and was saved – and Jesus was with him through all of it!

Future Stars

Hope, courage and trust – those are the things Katharina needs to dare signing up for a singing competition. And they are also what she wants to share with the audience. But will she be able to win?


You think KISI's work in Austria is valuable and you want it to continue and spread? Then we'd be happy if you support us: with a donation, with your prayer – or by buying the KISI-Card and becoming a member of KISI for one year. We'd also be very happy if you decide to volunteer and join our team.


Thank you for supporting KISI Austria.

We're currently working on the following projects:

Hope as a gift

Support a child and enable it to be part of KISI even though it can't afford the participation fee

Equip encouragers

Training and employing young people, so that they can bring hope through KISI

Joy made visible

To produce another musical as DVD to reach more people with the Good News

You want to support this?


donate regularlydonate once


Thank you for supporting us with your prayer. We are encouraged by that. Please send us an email to let us know you're praying, so we can send you prayer requests from time to time.

Yes, I Pray for you!

Become a member


Become a part of KISI! With a KISI membership you support our work, receive discounts on KISI products and activities and we will send you an encouraging birthday card.


Become a member



Thank you for you practical help! There are many different areas, in which you can help: backstage, with the tech team, in organization or logistics and of course by working with the children and teens. Just write to us what you're interested in.


Ja, ich will mitarbeiten!


Permanent staff members

Hannes Minichmayr

Founder and leader of KISI. He‘s also leading the KEY group, does concert aquisition and is inspirating all of KISI. In the middle of a stressful work day he regains his energy by playing a round of backgammon.

Birgit Minichmayr

is Hannes‘ wife. With him she founded KISI and she‘s the one who writes all the encouraging songs and musicals. She also invented the little black sheep Pauli and is a caring „KISI mom“ for a lot of kids. Since shortly she has her own blogBlog with tipps for joyfully living faith with kids.

Johanna Binder

has been working for KISI for a long time now and is responsible for staff members and KISI CLUBs – among other things. She‘s known for her encouragement and her honest feedback and is currently also studying a master of training, coaching and development.

Andreas Schaberger

has been with KISI for ages! He is responsible for organisation, accounting and databases and also does a lot of technical and internet-related stuff. His newest passion: fundraising! If you don‘t find him at a computer, he‘s probably with his bees – that is to say that he‘s a hobby beekeeper!

Katharina Tursch

has re-organised the KISI office in her traineeship and is now working as Hannes‘ personal assistant. That means she‘s keeping an eye on agenda and meetings and helps in concert acquisition. This year she also became the leader oft he KISI NOW group in Austria.

Trixi Grossauer

Trixi is working part-time to beautify things in KISI. She‘s doing design and PR – for example she did the graphical design of this website. Plus – she takes most of the fabulous KISI photos.

Janina Hofmann

is working part-time for KISI. She‘s responsible for PR – representing KISI in social media, sending the cheerful newsletter to you and making sure KISI‘s on the newspaper from time to time. She designed the structure of this website and wrote most of the texts.

Unpaid volunteers


We got a lot of those! Here we‘re introducing you to some of them that you might have met before.

Hanni Moser

She's what you would call a KISI dinosaur, that's how long she's been with us already. She was there when KISI was founded and has been a faithful part of our team ever since. She doesn't join us on tours anymore, but if you order something online, she's the one shipping the articles to you.

Adi & Sandra Selinger

They work in the KISI KEY department – this means they organise everything around KISI KEY. Information mails, attendance lists, staff meetings and much more. In addition, they're currently expecting their 5th daughter.

Maria Jobst

Maria is currently coordinating the KISI prayer team, which means that she regularly sends mails with prayer requests and organizes prayer during KISI weekends.


You have questions, suggestions, critical comments, praise or other concerns for KISI Austria? Just get in touch with us – we'd be happy to hear from you!

You would like to hear more from us?


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