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KISI KEY is a multi-regional KISI group that meets two weekends a month for one year to practice musicals and subsequently perform them on tour. It also includes training retreats during the summer.

Quality honours God—that´s our motto at KISI KEY. We want to improve and give our best in everything from performing musicals to running tech to following Jesus. You want to use your gifts, strengthen your faith, and share the good news? That’s perfect for KISI KEY!



Children and youth from about 8 years on


At the KISI house or on tour

How often?

About 23 gatherings per year


In order to be able to guarantee the quality during the tours, we need high reliability and great commitment from the KEY participants – for example the willingness to practice at home. In principle, it is not possible to miss KEY meetings. Exceptions (for example, if you are sick or on a school trip) you can discuss with us.

You want to join?
Please get in touch. We will check whether it still is possible to join during the KISI KEY year.

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