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This page is here to inform you about the KISI work in Israel. You will find out what we are doing, what's happening next, who's behind the scenes – and much more.

Latest activities

of KISI in Israel


Lass deinen Segen auf uns regnen

Lass deinen Segen auf uns regnen Israelreise, 27. Dezember – 07. Januar

Wie freuten wir uns, als man uns sagte: „Wir fliegen ins Land des Herrn!“ – In ebendieser Vorfreude ließen 27 KISIs sich am 27. Dezember von Wien aus in die Lüfte erheben, um das heilige Land (besser) kennenzulernen. Von Tel Aviv beförderte unser Busfahrer Yusuf uns nach „Jeruschalajim“, dessen ...


We have a home! Hooray!

We have a home! Hooray! „Unless the LORD builds the house, the workers labour in vain.“ Psalm 127  In the last few years we prayed again and again – as the Capuchins moved out of their monastery in 2007 or when the house of the Jesuits was sold (we lived there from 2007 till 2010). But when the houses didn’t pass on ...


From then until today

From then until today Story of KISI in Israel On our new website you can find the story of KISI in Israel. But as it is very exciting and there’s much more to tell about than fits in the limited space there they are giving us a broader view here: 2011 .המיסדת של העמותה מריאנה גול ביקרה ב״קיסי פסט״ והביאה את הרעיון ...

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The story of KISI in Israel

KISI is originally from Austria. Here you will learn how it came to Israel.


KISI for the first time travelled to Israel with a bigger group. So the fascination for our country spread among the KISI members.


Marianna Gol, the current leader of the KISI work in Israel, spoke at KISI-Fest, was fascinated by the concept of combining activities for children of all ages and in the following years formed a team which worked to establish KISI in Israel.


the KISI work in Israel got started: A group from Israel attended the KISI-Fest in Austria, there was a musical camp in autumn and in December more than 100 people from Austria came to Israel to perform together with the Israeli group.


during Passover a group from KISI Austria visited the KISI group in Israel and they performed together. Currently there is a group meeting weekly in Beer Sheva.

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story of KISI INternational

That's what KISI does in Israel

Currently there are the following KISI activities available in Israel:

Musical performances

Enthusiastic children's voices, impressive acting scenes, dynamic choreographies and a profound message – those things are what make a KISI musical so special. We perform musicals based on different biblical stories and daily life themes, such as hope or friendship. We also put on concerts only consisting of songs. This is our way of sharing the empowering message of Jesus with the world.

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Organise musicals

Our musicals

Church service arrangements

We love spreading the gospel on stage, but what we love even more is to celebrate mass with other fellow Christians and to praise God with our songs. If you invite us, we are happy to provide you with musical arrangements during mass.

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Mass songs




KISI CLUBs are local KISI groups that meet regularly, sing together and try to understand the content of the KISI songs in a fun way. They continue to bring new hope and joy to people in their surroundings – with small concerts in retirement homes or during church services.


You are looking for a KISI activity that's currently not available in Israel? Don't worry, just let us know and we will try to make it happen in cooperation with KISI from another nation.


This musical is currently played by the KISI group in Israel:

Star role

The pinnacle of God's story of salvation with the people was the birth of the saviour – Jesus. From Elisabeth and Zechariah via Mary and Gabriel, the moments leading up to this amazing event are portrayed in a completely new and different way – from the point of view of the stars.

– also available as Christmas version –


You like what KISI does in Israel and want to support it? That's fantastic. You can help us through donations, prayer or volunteering.


Thank you that you want to financially support the KISI work in Israel.

At the moment you can support the following projects:

Catering & more

There's a lot to prepare: food for the kids and various other things that are not for free.

A place to meet

Helping to pay the rent for our meeting place


Transportation, technical eqipment and much more we need to perform our musical.

You want to support that?


Donate regularlyDonate once


Do you want to support us in prayer? Thank you, we appreciate that very much! Would you mind writing us an email to let us know? Then knowing about your prayer support can encourage us and we have the possibility to send you important prayer requests from time to time.

Yes, I pray!


Fantastic – you‘re willing to volunteer in the project?
Send us an email and let us know!



Marianna Gol

A founder of «Streams in the Negev» organization. The organization's primary purpose is the work with single-parent families and the poor living in the Negev (southern Israel). So Marianna works a lot with single-parent families and shares with all the world what we are doing and how to support our ministry.

Katerina Apel

works in the project KISI, she is the one who builds the program for activities, translations and lead the rehearsals and meetings. Katerina is a mother of two, comes from a musical background and helps with worship in the ministry.

Moriah Charish

works in the KISI project and other projects of the organization "Streams in the Negev". She is the one who translates and leads the rehearsals and meetings. Moriah is a worship leader and has a special calling for children and youth.

Yuri Apel

Yuri is the project director for children and youth of the organization "Streams in the Negev". In the KISI projects he helps with sound and transportation.

Nancy Blanco

is the head of a prayer and support team for all the projects in the ministry "Streams in the Negev". She also supports the KISI projects with her passionate and persistent prayer.

Or Alon

volunteers as assistant in leading the rehearsals and other projects in the ministry, at the same time she works as a interior designer.

Timur Kosinov

volunteers as sound and light technician. He also works as a graphic designer in the center of Israel.

Ilya Kisluk

volunteers as children counselor in KISI meetings and rehearsals.

Anna Pozdnyakov

volunteers as children counselor in KISI meetings and rehearsals.

Emil Abdumalikov

volunteers as children counselor in KISI meetings and rehearsals.

Tania Portnov

helps with logistics and administration around the performances and other KISI activities – in addition to working in the ministry with kids and helping the single moms.


If you want to know more about the KISI activities in Israel, don't hesitate to contact us.

Do you wanna hear from us on a regular basis? Then have a look at the social media profiles of KISI International.